Physically - Emotionally -Mentally

My journey into TOTAL body HEALING started in 1979 working in Sisters Natural Food Store. In June of 1981 I took a reflexology class and did treatments at the health food store. That same year I completed an acupressure class with several others and then moved my location to 805 Nucleus Ave in January of 1982. I am still there and have added “touch for health”, hot house, far infrared rays, and electro reflex to my treatments which can be enjoyed for $55.00/hour. I also sell these wonderful machines.

I believe everyone should be taking enzymes, probiotics, super food, and sun energy products. I have most of my clients on these supplements. I help with any female hormone problems. I also assist people with allergies. I carry herbal blends for these special type of issues.

I ran across a booklet saying "Ruba dub dub is cancer in your tub", which told of all the chemicals in our soaps, I carry a soap, lotion, and gel and use them for everything. Be careful for what you put on your skin it will be in your liver in seconds.

I offer Ion foot bath to detox the body, which costs $25.00.

Body Typing is one of my passions. It balances the endocrine systems, and can also be used for weight loss. We have four programs which work with the speed of your metabolism. Two types should be on a high protein diet, and the other two a more vegetarian type diet. Eating right for your Body Type helps you feel your best, and protects you from diseases that go with your type. Its $80.00 and includes a book and box of tea for your type. No one size fits all.

I sell and use many types of machines. I use the Hot house, and reflex machine with your treatments. I've been using them since 1999. They all are on my sites with HTE.
I got real excited when I ran into Kangen water in 2007. I had been studying PH for some time. So when I ran into 9.5 drinking water, I knew I could finally help people with PH. Then when I studied with Dr. Peggy Parker, who taught me that the ORP oxygen potential was much more important than PH, and it was the most powerful antioxidant you could ever get. Please do look at the demo on my site for Kangen water. Enagic is the company and there all made in Japan , and they are #1 on Health Index.

Did you know it takes 35 glass of 9.5 water to neutralize a soda? It is 2.5 on PH scale. Our tape water is 7.3 on the PH scale.