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  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is an ancient oriental foot diagnose. Foot reflexology focuses on total body healing via reflexes. During a 60 minute session, I focus 30 minutes on the feet.

  • Acupressure & Massage

    I use basic massage techniques paired with acupressure (needless). There are over 900 pressure points and working these points you releases tension to prompt healing.

  • Kangen Water

    People everywhere are discovering the life changing power of Kangen Water. Read more at: Bonnies.YourBodyIsWater.info

  • Body Type Counseling

    Body Typing balances the endocrine systems through diet. Aligning your lifestyle with the body type system can aid weight loss, increase energy, combat digestive issues and much more. Eating right for your Body Type helps you feel your best, and protects you from diseases that go with your type. Its $80.00 for a session, book and tea included. One size does not fit all.

  • Holistic Healing

    Holistic healing encompasses whole person, mind, body, and spirit. I use different energy balancing methods to test if some issues are deeper than just physical.

  • Touch for Health Massage

    This class instructs a lymphatic massage which works with the 14 meridians and muscle balancing. I can balance your body's energy to initiate intrinsic healing.

  • ASEA: Redox Molecule Signaling

    ASEA is trillions of stable Redox signaling molecules in a balanced, clean saline solution. There are many health benefits to this product and for more information visit: RedoxDirect.com


  • Bonnie Mickelson

    Bonnie Mickelson

    Certified Reflexologist & Body Type Counselor

    I read a book on reflexology and worked on friends and family for two years. I then took a class on reflexology. In June of 1981, I was certified in reflexology from Betty and Loran Stapley. In the fall of 1981, I took my acupressure class , sei tai jitssu massage class and oriental diagnosis class from Sadomar Keyanitza, . Also that fall I took a 2 day work shop from Dr. Chung on holistic healing doing an introduction to all the different therapies from color therapy, tai chi, acupressure, and five elements. May of 1985 I took a touch for health class. In Oct 1992 I did acupressure training with Tom Tracy. I also took herb classes from him. In 1993 I was certified in Brain Gym. In 1996 I was certified in environmental stress with Dr.Stan Flag, touch for health. In 1995 I was certified as a DR. Abravenal body type couselor -- glandual balance,and weight loss. 1991 certified in Reiki one. In 2004 I was certified In how to be your own best Doctor bu Dr Morgan Rogars. Ive also done worshops with James Minckler in energy balancing.

  • Kangen Water

    Water is the most important substance in the world

    Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent headache and fatigue, and can even aid in weight loss or maintenance. Our bodies are up to 75% water, and staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival.
    Visit Kangen Website

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Get Help With:

Arthritis – Asthmas – Back Pain – Bells Palsy – Bronchitis – Bursitis – Carpal-Tunnel – Colds – Colitis – Constipation – Diarrhea – Ears – Feet Problems – Headaches – Heartburn – Hemorrhoids Hot Flashes – Indigestion – Knees – Legs – Menstrual Cramps – Neck Stiffness – Sciatica – Sinus Shoulders – Whiplash – Weight Loss

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